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Self Concept (Prompt#1)

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My mask is nothing like the things I listen to, read about, or watch. My mask is revolved around what I see on social media and my peers around me. If a close friend of mine has a super gangster lingo, I will adopt that lingo in the matter of a few hours with them, even though I do not relate to it. When I look online, I see the super athletic girls that I am “supposed” to be, so I follow an implement this in the mask that I show people. People ask if I would be willing to just hook up with someone we see on the side of the street and I laugh and play along. But in reality I am the biggest teddy bear when it comes to romance.

I am a hopeless romantic and it shows in the music I listen to. I am one of the rare souls that are obsessed with country music. I have always valued when a song that can can have good rhythm while also have beautiful and meaningful lyrics. I have always felt like, besides Ed Sheeran, country musicians have accomplished this goal for me. Now I am definitely not saying that these lyrics are meaningful for everyone, but for me its like they have made songs that have been reading all of my thoughts. I have a few friends who purely listen to todays hip hop and rap and I honestly have to make myself block out the lyrics because it seems like every song is disrespectful to women. Now with country music, all of the songs are so sweet and cheesy. The men definitely declare their respect for their women and show it.

As far as my movies and tv shows, it Is not much different. I love me a good romantic comedy on a Saturday night. I love the Netflix show ‘Vampire Diaries’ and fantasizing over having the same relationship as Elena and Damon or even Elena and Stefan. When either one of those relationships broke up, I am pretty sure I cried more than the actual character. And all of this correlates to who I am. At the end of the day, my number one goal is to find my soulmate who is not only my husband but my person, my best friend.





One thought on “Self Concept (Prompt#1)

  1. I think that your response is a interesting look into the expectations of social interactions of society. It is weird to go against the grain, and hard to. Much more so in highschool and certain social groups it is expected to have that certain mentality and I think it is interesting how people say one thing but think another. And I think that your response gives us some insight into that. Finding that person is difficult but I think your desire for a best friend and a significant other is good, and I wish you luck on that journey.


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