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Self-Concept (Prompt #1)

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I do not watch many television programs, but the ones I do watch have to have complex, strong, and relatable characters. My all time favorite tv show is Game of Thrones. The show has it all. From the intricate characters to the gorgeous costumes, I fell in love with its grandeur. For those who do not watch it, it takes place in another world filled with magic, mythical creatures, kings, and queens. It transports me into that world every time I watch it; that is why I love it so much. I like to imagine a completely different world than the one we live in. The characters are multidimensional and nothing is black and white. In my opinion, it is all about the people in the shows and movies. If they can make me feel sympathetic towards them or make me root for them, then it is a show worth investing time into.

My favorite character in GOT is Daenerys Targaryen, a strong female lead. She defies the phrase “damsel in distress”. Just when everyone underestimates her, she rises from the ashes of fire stronger than ever and fights for the Iron Throne. I could write forever about this tv show, but the main point is that I love strong characters, female or male. I value strength in all its forms (physical, mental, etc…), imagination, and compassion. I mainly watch tv shows and movies because I like to step into the shoes of the characters and imagine I am them. Sympathy and compassion play a huge role in this. If I can’t sympathize or relate to the people in the stories, I quickly lose interest; there is no point in watching them if I do not care for them.

If you were to look at my iTunes playlist you would quickly come to the conclusion that I am a sucker for romance. Most of the songs I listen to are either slow, heartfelt songs or about love. For a hopeless romantic like me, I enjoy listening to those sappy love songs most people would find disgustingly cheesy. I love music that pulls at your heart strings and songs that make you cry a little bit (the good kind of cry) because it is so achingly beautiful. Initially, I did not prefer to show people how much of a hopeless romantic I was, but now I do not attempt to hide it. I love love.

The media can greatly influence us and our self-image if we let it. It takes a certain amount of strength to rise above the noise and bombardment of the media’s unrealistic ideals. If you accept the societal pressures that are around us, it can destroy your self-esteem. The media can deprive you of your true essence and make you feel incomplete. For example, it displays heavily photoshopped images of women demonstrating that this is the way all women should look like. However, it can also motivate you to improve yourself by spotlighting your favorite role models. I see the media as a tool; you can choose to let it damage you, improve you, or you can straight up ignore it. In general, however, the media influences our self-image and esteem in a negative manner.

Author: Madi J Rapella

Visual and Public Art Major Anthropology Minor Cartoonist for The Lutrinae

One thought on “Self-Concept (Prompt #1)

  1. I like the point you make about preferring “multidimensional” characters over “black and white” characters. Characters whose intentions are questionable or conflicted really draw me in as opposed to the average good guy.

    I also agree with your point about media as a tool and that we can allow it to influence us in whatever way we please or not let it play a role in our self-image at all.

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