HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Self-Concept: Prompt 1

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If you were to know the type of shows, websites, and music I’m interested in, you’d know that I’m into a decent variety of entertainment. I can watch SpongeBob or Breaking Bad, I can browse weird memes on Reddit or teach myself a programming language on Codecademy, and I can rock out to metal or enjoy the soothing sound of classical music.

For the most part, I’m really into the crime/superhero genre of films and shows. I especially like when the focus is centered on a criminal mastermind, villain, or antihero. Something about their dark, tragic stories are always much more fascinating than the archetypical good guy. A close second as far as genres go would have to be comedy. Shows like Friends, The Office, and Parks & Rec. never fail to make me laugh.

My web browsing is where things get a little weird. It occasionally consists of self-teaching programming languages on Codecademy but is primarily centered around memes. Whether it’s through Facebook, Instagram, or Reddit, I always get my daily meme dosage. What type of memes do I like? In short: the really weird ones. Sure, I occasionally indulge in wholesome memes, but the real fun is in the ones that I wouldn’t share with a stranger.

As most people, my choice in music is heavily influenced by what I’m doing or my mood. If I’m studying or want background music, I’ll put on some relaxing Lo-Fi Hip Hop or classical music on Spotify. If I’m pumped up or working out, I’ll play some classic rock or metal from my personal library. If I’m feeling it, I’ll even play some Beethoven and Slayer back to back (10/10 highly recommend if you want to go deaf).

While I’m the type of person that tries not to let media influence my self-perception, I believe that it inevitably influences all of us for better or worse—whether it be consciously or not. To an extent, however, media has as much influence in our lives as we let it. Just because you see a celebrity you like expressing their opinion, for instance, doesn’t mean you should worship them and adopt their entire belief system because of their status or how they portray themselves through media. It’s up to us whether we let the media damage us or ignore its negativity and move on with our lives.

Author: Carlos Estrada

Computer Science major at CSU Monterey Bay and Webmaster at The Lutrinae.

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