HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives


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I like to think that i have a good amount of friends, and definitely a wide variety of them. I feel like my open-mindedness to trying new things, allows me to get-into new things, but because of my curiosity, i like to consistently try to learn things, and continue to improve my knowledge on that subject, so i like to have people to discuss things with. Over time I’ve built friendships with many different people that i share a certain interest in. For example, i have my baseball friends, who i talk baseball with. I have my pool friends who i play pool with. Friends who i go out to San Jose or Santa Cruz with, friends who i go to church with, friends that i go to parties with, and i guess because i genuinely care and respect people, they see that i’m somewhat a good person, so the friendships continue to develop and friendships turn into deeper bonds, and that’s how i consider most of my friends like family. I don’t think that i treat any friend better than another, or any different than any other. Obviously some of my friends enjoy different things than my other friends do, but i still love them all equally. I like to think that i treat all of them with the same amount of respect, so i wouldn’t really say that i do anything different to each of them, except with communicating, obviously i have different conversations with different people, but only because i share common interests with certain people, like my friend Josh for example, We have very common interests like anime and pool, but i don’t think that we could have a conversation on Country music or Corridos (a type of Spanish music). I guess it all depends on what i feel like talking about, or with whom i want to talk about it with.


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