HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

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This prompt is a real difficult one, because i feel like my thought on what family is, is probably different than most people’s. Obviously i know that family is your immediate family, and like aunts, and uncles, etc. but i learned from a young age, that everybody who shares traits and characteristics that make you feel safe, could be considered your family. There are groups of people in my life, who i could consider as “my brother from another mother”, or “sister from another mister”, and i have the same respect for them as i do for my actual brothers and sisters, i would do anything and everything for them to make them happy, because i know that they would do the same. Some examples would be like my brothers from my baseball teams. I play for four teams, well one was my high-school baseball team, so i played on that team, i don’t currently play on that team anymore, and i consider most of the team-mates that i had as brothers. My travel-ball baseball team and i refer to each other as our brothers because of everything that we have gone through together. The team at MB, i don’t know that well, but i can say that there are guys on that team who in the future, i know i would consider like my family. From my high-school team, there are a-lot of guys who i consider my brother, but definitely some who i don’t respect on that level, because i know they don’t respect me on that level either. My last team is my Sunday-league team, and most of my team-mates are immediate family members so they’re all practically family. I also have my EOP family from my summer bridge program, its a group of like 10 of us, and i don’t think that any of us don’t see each other as brothers and sisters, me especially. I’ve been told on multiple occasions from my little EOP family, that i’m basically their brother. So, to get back on topic, the question of who do i get along with better, my family or my friends, well i would have to say my Family, even though i have a lot of friends who i consider family, i would definitely say that i feel more comfortable with my immediate family, and i get along better with them because we’ve spent so much time together that i’m basically an open book with them. And its not even like its some family members that i get along with better, i would say i’m open to my mother as much as my dad or my aunt or uncle, the only exception being my grandma because she over-reacts to everything.


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