HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Managing Conflict and Power

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One of the most crucial times where i had to make the decision to avoid conflict was probably my senior year of high-school. I remember that day as if it were yesterday. I was sitting at the benches in Senior ark, which was on our campus, and it felt like any other Wednesday. It all started when a couple of the freshman football players came to the table, and talked to my friend Erik, who was also a freshman. I didn’t know what they had told him, but it sounded like they were messing with him. I got up, and walked over there and told them to leave him alone, and as they walked away they slapped his head. This would be my first test to see if i would be the bigger person and choose to let them walk away, or call them back and start a fight, but luckily they were just freshman, and i wasn’t about to go beat up a freshman, especially as a Senior. But whatever, that happened, and i got over it. But 15 minutes later i see the same people trying to mess with my friend, and it seemed like seconds passed by, but the next thing i knew, somebody was holding him while another person was punching him in the stomach. I got up, and sprinted over there, making my way through the crowd, just standing there watching it happen, and a huge fight broke out, as me and a couple of my other friends get there, and try to stop the fight, and make them leave my little freshman alone, as my friend pulled my freshman friend away from the guy who was holding him, i got a glimpse of his face and realized that the person that was holding him back was the freshman football players older brother who was also a Senior. i think that’s when i got angry, because it wasn’t fair, to my little freshman, to be held down by a 6 foot senior, who probably double his weight, and to not be able to defend himself. Luckily, my friend Adam was the person who got in the guys face, and went off on him for doing what he did, because if it was me, i would’ve lost it. That was probably my second test to see if i could be the bigger person and avoid any further conflict, but it wasn’t over. The guy ends up shoving my friend Adam, and then swings on him. Luckily my friend Edgar jumped in, and tackled the guy to the floor, before he hit him, but that’s when an even bigger fight broke out. It seemed like the whole football team was there, trying to kick only 6 of our guys asses. But the whole time, all i was doing was trying to drag other people out of the fight, and trying to calm my friend Adam. I think the biggest test of all was when i was trying to drag one of my friends away from a fight, and this guy comes up to me, and hits me for no reason. It took everything in me, not to go off on this guy, but none the less, i continued to try and get my friends out of their, because i knew once the security came, we would all be in big trouble, and probably have to not play for our next three games, because regardless of who started the fight, there was always major consequences for them, because fighting was not tolerated at our school.


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