HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Someone Else’s Shoes

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At heart, I would like to believe that I am a good person. I feel that I am a decent upstanding citizen who not only does his fair share to live in a happy and meaningful life, but also to make the world a better place, for the sake of others. When it comes to communicating or interacting with others I make a strong effort to understand them or share their feelings. To the core I feel that I am an empath. However to assess my empathy fairly, I took the Self-Quiz in the textbook. Fortunately, my total score was 4 out of 5, which indicates high empathy. I scored very high (with 4s and 5s) on the category regarding “Perspective-Taking” and the category regarding “Empathic Concern”. This Self-Quiz really had me thinking deeply about myself and how I receive others in a variety of situations. Overall, I believe that I am a rather supportive companion who tries to stay relaxed and open-minded in any interpersonal occassion. I am very emotionally intelligent and make a strong effort to express my good intentions through both of my verbal and nonverbal communication. I have come to realize that those who have suffered a lot tend to have huge hearts. In spite of the ordeals I have triumphed and the pain I have endured in the past, they have only made me a stronger and more compassionate person.  I feel I could best connect with others emotionally in their times of woe, particularly when it comes to any form of rejection or abandonment. In fact, in recent memory, I recall helping my friend prevail through being rejected and having his heart broken. I , too, have experienced the same sort of misery , on multiple occasions. Because I care about my friend and his wellbeing very much, I made sure I made that clear to him. I was very discreet with my words and actions to him regarding his plight. Not only did I sparingly remind him of how things were not meant to be between him and his crush, but I also tried to assuage him of how awesome he was. He’s currently doing a lot better now and he told me that he was grateful for my support. Although, I have a huge heart I find difficulty in empathizing properly when it comes to loss. We all grieve and mourn differently. As a result, I tend to struggle with finding the exactly perfect words to say to help someone feel much better while they are lamenting. I have experienced loss a few times, but I grieve and mourn at my own pace too. In spite of that, I still try to reach out those who are experiencing something so awful. Whether I make them feel much better or a little bit better, I feel it is thought that counts. I show that I am a kind soul by putting others before myself. I understand the value of empathy.


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