HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Nearest and Dearest

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I am very proud of my family unit that I belong to. I am come from a solid and close network of relatives. Ever since my childhood, my family has been everything to me. They have always assumed responsibility for protecting me as well as rearing all of my other young relatives. In terms of values and social norms, my family has socialized me about those too. My mother and other family elders have always been consistent with keeping my behavior in check. But most importantly in addition to protection, indoctrination, I embrace my family the most for fulfilling their duty of affection and companionship. They have always provided me with warm and intimate bonds which only add to everyone’s safety and security. In every respect, my relatives are there for me. They understand and care about me. At my current age, 21 years old, I would say that my family has a high degree of self-disclosure. I feel that my family has loose family privacy rules. We can discuss virtually anything under the sun , jokingly or seriously, without any issues or conflicts. As long as we are respectful amongst each other in expressing ourselves, anything can be discussed. Because of this all of my family members are comfortable when it comes to divulging their thoughts and feelings to each other. The only things are really taboo and are restricted to be discussed with friends and close immediate relatives are explicit details regarding sex. Beyond that anything is fair to discuss or disclose. If anything sparks tension anyone in my family is open to discuss it. We do not let conflicts escalate and we have a simple way of minimizing or defusing tensions: we simply use our words. But through and through, I am blessed to have a family full of relatives who I can rely on for just about anything.


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