HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives


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I am confident in saying that I make a daily effort to be self-aware. For the most part,  I agree that It is quite easy to infer one’s tastes, interests, and hobbies based off of the media that one routinely consumes or participates in. For example, based off of the media that I consume , one can infer a few different things about myself. Based off of the websites that I visit, one can assume that I am a right-brained intellectual who loves art in all of its forms. Based off of the shows and movies that I watch, one can assume that I am a huge geek that loves comic books, and manga. And, lastly, based on the music I listen to, one can assume that I am a proud liberal Afrocentric thinker. Referring back to self-awareness, I know that I live in a culture, let alone a society, dominated by and saturated with mass media. I constantly learn new things about the world I live in to further my own growth and self-fulfillment. Over the past few years, I have learned about the impact of the mass media (all things broadcasted on TV, published in periodicals, and found on the Internet) on others. Humans are social creatures, and I understand that mass media influences how we all see ourselves because it socializes us. We are part of a constant flow of changing our own personal identities in order to conform with the changing norms, values, and behaviors which we learn from society. Because mass media is so widespread, we are all subject to the vicissitudes of being socialized. Through and through, forces that are external to us influence our individual self-concepts. In a society that enforces a wide variety of utterly frivolous ideals, I always try to stay true to myself and affirm my own identity. I would rather pursue my own “ideal self” rather than the ought self that is preferred by society. In addition to promoting my own independence and wellbeing, I always make an effort to abstain from all social and political prejudices perpetuated by society by vehicle of the media. These are the means I take to promote and sustain my own independence and wellbeing. In the wise words of the William Ernest Henley, I affirm that “I am the master of my fate” and that “I am the captain of my soul.”


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