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If it is to be, It is Up to Me

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Power is an important and pervasive influence in interpersonal interactions. I have learned and seen that power can be used to positive or negative ends when influencing other people or (the course of) things around you. Some of these very circumstances may quite easily affect others as well. Power is an abstract asset that is earned and/or granted. In terms of earning power, I am now aware that you must gain some sort of power currency. I understand that power is actually some sort of “social wealth”.  Out of the five power currencies, I am conscious that I possess only two. I am an average university student of African-American descent who comes from humble beginning.  I was not born into wealth, nor have I not reached the point in my life to where I have amassed my own wealth. I lack the resource currency. As an undergraduate , I am still in the process of developing my own trade or expertise that I will benefit from when I find my career. I do not have expertise currency. Lastly, I do not have the luxury of having influential/powerful in my immediate social network. In other words I do not have social network currency and intimacy either. I am a modest fellow only endowed with personal currency.

My personality, my character traits, are my only social assets. I am an introverted intellectual as well as a man of charisma. I am a kind, and nurturing soul who loves using his force of personality (personal currency) for receiving others as well as making them feel comfortable. Despite being so introspective, I have a gentle way of speaking with others and making myself heard whenever a situation warrants it. I stand out because of the strong character I uphold  Despite lacking most power currencies, I am still very happy with the one that I am blessed with. Although I don’t have capital, a vocation, or powerful associates, I feel that my personal currency is all I need. I believe that this is especially true if I aspire to acquire any of the other four currencies. I feel that can be extended to others outside of myself. One’s personality and being can pave the way for them acquiring financial resources, developing their own profession, and building their own social network. If anyone has the sine qua non of personal currency that they can certainly achieve all five currencies in due time. It all starts with self. After all, nothing worth having ever comes easy.


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