HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives


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I would like to think that I am a wonderful friend  I am always there for my friends to offer them whatever support that they may need. When it comes to my friends and I am not selfish. I am also emotionally intelligent. I epitomize respect towards others, not because I have learned to behave a certain way, but because I truly feel this for others. I do believe in the golden rule. When it comes to friends, I have a huge heart for them and I always give them a benefit of a doubt in any tribulation that befalls/involves them. But it would take a lot for me to want to unfriend a friend of mine. Namely, betrayal of, indifference to, and total disrespect for me would warrant for me to renouncing my friendship with someone. People express how they feel about others by what they say and do. Likewise, I am a firm believer that actions speak louder than words. People can express disdain or antipathy to others nonverbally just as easily as they can verbally. I am particularly adept at reading people’s emotions. Any deliberate lack of communication towards me can be perceived as any of the three friendship deal-breakers that I mentioned above. So if I perceive that I am putting someone off or that they are no longer interested in having me around, on a consistent basis, I am very inclined to unfriend that person altogether. I have learned from experience how to let relinquish toxic relationships. It is better to escape a house on fire while you can, than to sit in while it crashes and burns. I impute this metaphor to any form of a failing friendship. I can cite two recent incidents where I have had to unfriend people. At the start of autumn, I had to completely cut a friend out of my life because I began seeing his true colors for the worse. I had developed a cumulative annoyance of his blatant and prolonged disrespect towards me in public. He seemed to enjoy embarassing me and aggravating me. Although I felt justified in unfriending him. I am no saint myself. As I said before, I believe in the golden rule. I feel that it applies to everyone. If I treated anyone in the ways that I totally wouldn’t approve of, I would not blame them for unfriending me either.


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