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Loving Family

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I  don’t necessarily think that my parents were the type of parents to hover over their children because we never really gave them any reason to not trust us.  We always listened to them and did what we were told.  We never rebelled or gave a reason to not be trusted or given freedom so our parents didn’t hover.  They were like most parents they cared enough about us to give us what we needed to be successful.  They cared enough about us that we knew we didn’t need to go and do something or find something to make us happy because our parents always made our home a happy place for us to be.  My parents like many just wanted to know that their kids were safe.

However I don’t necessarily think that hovering parents are always bad.  They have good intentions but sometimes forget how to parent and want to be their kids best friend in order to always have tabs on them that they forget to be there parents and discipline them when they do something wrong.

If someone is a hover parent they are also more likely to have children who rebel.  That is because children feel as if they can’t breath and have no space because there parents are always watching.  It can cause their children to be secretive and cause them to want to do bad things because there parents won’t find out.

I don’t really think that my parents hover anymore.  I think because I was responsible and knew right from wrong and they also know that i’m growing up and that they have to let me live my life and make my own mistakes and learn from them.  Also because they hope that I learned enough from them to always make good choices.



One thought on “Loving Family

  1. I totally see where you’re coming from regarding the hover parent concept. Like you I see hover parents as good intentioned, but sometimes the behavior can lead children to rebel if they feel that they have no freedom. My parents like yours seemed to try and give me enough space for me to learn from my own experiences as well, and I think this can lead to a possible parenting theory that balance is the key to a good relationship with children.


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