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Panch & Liz vs. Mazamitla

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Being Mexican automatically means that you will belong to a large family. That being said, I belong to a large family. Most of my uncles and cousins live in Mexico so i don’t get to see them often. However, there are some family members here in the United States. I have an aunt, an uncle, and two cousins. Liz and Panch are like my brother and sister.  I have basically grown up with them around all the time. There is nothing i wouldn’t do for them.

I feel closer to my family only because they see me about twenty-four hours of the day. They see me through my good times and my bad times. They’ve seen all my flaws and still love me regardless. they are people that i will always share a special bond with.

Sometimes when i go to Mexico, i tend to talk a lot about my relationship with Liz and Panch that my other cousins get jealous. They always say comments about how the relationship and they always try to think of ways in which they are better than them. In the end, whatever they say doesn’t matter because my opinion of them is never changing.

Since almost my entire family has grown up together, I feel as if they are more likely to gossip. They are more judgmental because they have good and bad examples within them. I cannot go to them with personal information because they are more likely to judge me and spread the news around just because that is what they have done their whole life. Liz ,Panch and my brothers are more likely to have a serious conversation with me and genuinely listen and offer advice with whatever i have going on in my life.

I tend to think more positively towards the family members that i grew up with as opposed to the ones who aren’t really anything but family. In other words, they’re only family because we share relatives. The difference between my cousins in Mazamitla and the ones in the U.S is that i share a bond on the emotional level with Liz and Panch as opposed to the other ones.


One thought on “Panch & Liz vs. Mazamitla

  1. I’m glad to hear you have a strong bond with your cousins. I think that it will always be the ones that you interact more the people with who you have stronger bonds because you growing with them present and involved in your life.


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