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Relationships in the Workplace

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My job is detail oriented and as a result a lot of rules are enforce. I started this job at the beginning of the year and as days passed by I was more and more convinced that this was not the job for me. However, my coworkers are very supportive and it’s because of them that I still have a job. I doubted myself and they always reminded me that it takes time to learn every detail for each form basically, I learned it takes time to memorize. It was a matter of practicing everyday and trying to help students whether it would be filling out forms or requesting loans. Being that this is an on campus job they are very flexible when it comes to my work hours because they understand I am student first and then an employee. Aside from being flexible one thing that I really like about the communication at work is we collaborate and never assign blame when something goes wrong. Especially, when something goes wrong the first time. To conclude, I enjoy my workplace I feel very comfortable and safe.


One thought on “Relationships in the Workplace

  1. I can relate although my job was not nearly as detail oriented (subway) we still have a lot to learn in the beginning. I remember for the first month i still could not remember the types of sandwiches or how to use the register.But once i started talking to my coworkers and they showed me how to make a sandwich, everything just flowed and it became easy. If my coworkers did not help me get comfortable at subway, I think i probably would have left much sooner than planned.


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