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workplace climate


The climate at subway was usually supportive. When we worked we all tried to help each other out with as much as possible. Everyone understood that we all get out faster if everyone gets their own work done. When someone new came we all helped them become better workers, we learned how to critique each other without hurting anyone’s feelings. We often had to politely tell new employees to go faster if they work to slow. with most of the cleaning work that we need to get done you do not realize that there is an easier way to clean until someone tells you. So we had to learn to be open to different ways to clean. When it came to describing problems instead of blaming we were more likely to point fingers at each other. The morning crew would blame the night crew and night crew blamed the morning. This was probably the only negative thing that happened. Collaboration was very useful, we often needed each other for certain task like cleaning the front area or re stocking the fridge. Many of my coworkers i got to know very well because we always worked together. Everyone i met was very supportive they would help me and each other. If someone couldn’t come in then there was always a coworker who could take your hours. Even out of work they would help me with school and are still willing to. Majority of my coworkers went to school at csumb and are the same major as me. The coworkers who were above me never talked down to me, they would just suggest that i do certain things to help out the team. The only time anyone ever really got mad was if they were already irritated earlier in the day. My time at subway was pretty nice and a good atmosphere in my opinion.


2 thoughts on “workplace climate

  1. Hey Steven, I can totally relate to the “night crew morning crew” complex. I remember how stressful it was to close my store at night, and I would often triple check the register to make sure I didn’t inconvenience the morning salesman. I remember I said hi to you one day when I worked at the GNC next door to you, and everyone at Subway seemed really genuine and easy to talk to. I think in any form of retail work, like you, I experienced a camaraderie that usually comes from an understanding that most work related tasks require a team effort. Through the day to day duties most people find themselves becoming close to their fellow employees which I think is something that we probably both experienced while working at the Presidio.


  2. I’ve never had a job before and this seems stressful to me. I understand that there are situations in which you are blamed for and it can seem difficult to deal with. Power through!


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