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Naming the Change

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My name has always been a struggle for other’s to pronounce and many times did i think about changing it to something simple. “Azucena” is not a common name, well at least that’s what i think. Although i liked my name so much i had the thought that if it changed it would be easier for people to pronounce. But as time passed I Β realized how unique my name is and how much i enjoy having my name, also it is a good way to start a conversation. I love my name and i am able to identify with it. it is a Hispanic name which translates to lily in the English language. Azucena’s are flowers and so am I. I’m a beautiful part of nature. After my whole name change faze i realized how nothing is ever wrong with the name you are given and you have to learn to love it. The only occasion i would change my legal given name would be if i get married. I believe that the moment you get married a new faze of life is starting, and you are no longer the person you used to be. You united you name to someones other to begin living with them, as their other half and together being completed. So yes i would change my name in that occasion. However, other than that i would not. I have now became so identified with it that it would be so hard to change it for anything else. Hyphenating is something I would never consider, and it is just because of what i believe the whole marriage thing means. To me hyphenating a name is like not wanting to let go of the past. or not being ready for the next faze in life. That is my personal opinion, others may have different thoughts about the subject.


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