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I’m not completely sure i agree with the statement of friendships being less stable than family and romantic relationships. Yeah i know friends will come and go but doesn’t this happen with family members also? Like what if a family comes to a certain conflict with each other and you relationship with them becomes unstable. I think that a relationship, no matter which kind it is, will have an equal amount of stability as the other. I know family is supposed to be there for you in difficult situations, giving support, and happiness for the decisions made. That’s not always the case. My family has faced all types of difficulties and what sucks is that the majority are within the family. My family has grown apart and there are groups who don’t speak to the others. They have their reasons which i will never completely understand, but i thought family could be more stable. I thought a family could work everything out and be that happy group they once were. My friends and the friends of the family seem to be more united than my actual family. After High School i kept in touch with some of my friends and with others the communication just suddenly stopped. Maybe the friendship was not stable enough for it to last,or maybe there was just no actual friendship there. maybe i just kept my actual friends in the end and the others were nothing else than my High School peers. Friendship can be as equally stable as the bond of family is, I just think it needs to be something wanted and needed.


2 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Any a way friends and family are the same for me. Mainly because friends are the family you chose for yourself. In some instances friends are the only family some people have. Just because the are issues that go on in the family, or how the family is not there at all. That’s why I agree that the relationships of friendships fade faster than family.


  2. Throughout my four years in high school, I have lost touch with friends. My freshman year was filled with a group of at least ten people. My sophomore year, half of them left. My junior year, i was left with at least three people. My last year, from the group, only one person stayed and we ended making friends with two new people.


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