HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives


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I agree that, in most cases, family relationships are more stable than friend relationships. I’ve had many friendships come and go, but I have always maintained a stable relationship with the vast majority of my family. Family relationships are generally more supportive of each other in the long run, especially when more important events happen in a family member’s life. Whereas with friendships it’s understood that family emergencies take the ultimate priority. Although I would say in general romantic relationships are more stable than friendship relationships. This is with more established relationships compared to shorter, fleeting relationships. I’ve never really had conversational topics that were “off limits” with friends that I can think of. With some friends topics would come up that never did with other friends, but it was never a case of those topics being off limits. With some friends nearly any topic could come up or be open for discussion, but with other friends those topics simply never came up. Or with some friends our conversations will focus more on whatever our common interests are generally. Although I feel the ability to cover a wide range of conversation topics in a relationship indicates feelings of closeness and comfortability around the other person. Talking things through and being open about subjects is a good way to strengthen and create more trust within a relationship. I’ve had some friendships that I kept over long distances, and some friendships that ended fairly quickly after a geographic distance is created. Even the friendships that I have kept over long distances are ultimately strained, as it is difficult to keep in contact frequently without proximity. When I was younger I used to have friends on online games that I would talk to almost every day for years at a time, but over time once we stopped playing those games the friendships would end. Even if we had other forms of communication, if we weren’t keeping in contact on a frequent basis it is difficult to keep a strong and stable friendship or relationship.


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