HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

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I do agree with the textbook friendship are easier to break up than family or romantic partners. First, friendships are less stable at least for me that is how they feel. Last year, I was just in high school and although I do still speak with some friends our communication is not as constant as it used to be. However, the idea of separating for a short time, but still keeping in contact was really good in that I found out who my friends truly were. Once they had freedom the freedom that they were not used to many experienced good or bad things while enjoying their freedom. I would have never joined them in some of the choices they had made. A family member is difficult to break up with well because first of all it may not have been interest what united both of us, but it’s basically our genes we know each other because we are related. If it had to do with siblings no matter how much we may not get along we always seem to work together without even realizing it or forget what we were initially complaining or fighting about. I would have to say friendship are similar to romantic relationships. The introduction is the same introducing yourself, getting to know each other and in the end enjoying spending time with each other. Of course, the only difference would be attraction which is why it’s much more difficult to break up with a romantic partner because aside from liking them as one would with friends and family members there is also attraction which prevents one from wanting to end the relationship. Friendships seem to come and go


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  1. Hey Jennifer I definitely agree with you on the fact that the transition to college really does have a large impact on the level of communication you maintain with high school friends. I think in a larger sense most people are so caught up in the college life the it can often be difficult to keep in contact with long distance friends until vacations or summer time arrives. This is why I agree with you that friendships are somewhat more fragile than romantic or family bonds. Typically it doesn’t matter where your family travels but most people will make an effort to keep that line of communication alive no matter what circumstances take place, and romantic relationships more often than not, offer complex bonds that are usually very emotionally driven.


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