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Life on a Quote


Every day we face a battle to find true happiness and we do unnecessary things to accomplish what we believe to be the central goal. All through out life we set goals of getting a good job and finishing college with a degree in order to be happy. However, how do we know this will give us true happiness? As a college student, questions always come to mind, like will it be worth it or will i actually be happy in the end? It may just be a faze of stress and anxiety but i’m sure more than one student has thought of it at some point. From a personal view, I have always seen my family and myself trying hard for something that we believe will make us happy. But we never pay close attention to the happiness we create with each other. The quote noted by Henry David Thoreau means to me that as we spend a lot of time thinking about how we will be happy and working for what we want to be happy, we will be loosing the happiness of the moment. For example, it’s summer vacation and the heat is your worst enemy so you decide to buy a pool. So you spend all your summer working and saving money so you can be able to get the best pool in town. But once you get it it’s fall and the weather is colder. Basically, you spent all your summer trying to get that pool and by the time you got it you missed summer and its fun adventures. Instead of forgetting about the pool, going to the beach with friends or having a water balloon fight, you weren’t able to be happy in the moment. I believe the quote is about letting things happen and being happy with them. This way we will be happy our entire life.


2 thoughts on “Life on a Quote

  1. I loved your example using the pool in the summer time as I think it’s a perfect analogy for Thoreau’s quote. Regarding your concept on questioning the end result of college and a respective degree I often find myself asking the same question. I think the key in this circumstance is balance. By chasing a goal and an end result this can not only be motivating and provide people with a purpose, but it can sometimes distract from living life in the moment as you said. I think by balancing the pursuit of a goal with leisure time and quality relationships and experiences, one can find the progressive journey towards a goal just as enjoyable as the end result. By doing this happiness can be reached through the pursuit, and ultimately by the attainment of an end result.


  2. I liked your quote and how you talked about how they were so worried about the future that they forgot to live in the presence and I think that that is important thing that people need to remember so that they can actually appreciate whats in front of them and live in the moment.


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