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La Familia

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My family has always been very closed with communication. Although my parents have always tried to be open for discussions, there are always topics they try to avoid. I’m not sure exactly what crosses through their mind but it may just be fear to give the wrong advice. I remember this one time my younger sister tried asking my mom questions about sex, she was curios about contraceptives. My mom freaked, she had no idea what to answer. So she proceeded with a questions. She interrogated my sister on why she brought up the topic and what she knew about it. So my sister explained the small amount of information she had. And my moms answer was, “that’s all the information you need”. My sister was confused and left the room, and so i asked my mom why she wouldn’t talk to her about the subject. However, she ignored me while trying to avoid the topic. This has always been the communication with my parents. although my parents don’t talk all subject to us we have found a way to be comfortable talking between siblings. I honestly always wanted to be able to talk to my parents about everything. And although if we tried to do it now it might not work with me and my older sister. Communication is key in any situation, and i believe it would make a difference with my younger siblings. they could feel more comfortable talking about anything and this way be more open. I think that my family could start with conversation at the dinner table with the typical how was your day question. And from there engage in making conversation about why the day was good. Also, in my family we tend to have movie nights and this would be the perfect place to have good talks about any topic. However this would require an open mindset by my parents and siblings.


One thought on “La Familia

  1. My parents are the same way. They always say that they are open and available to talk but some issues are taboo in our culture.


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