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Friends come/go, family stays

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I agree with this 100%. I feel like as you grow up, you begin to realize that not every person is worth your time. Also, you may feel like people do not care about you as much as you think. Your family will always love you no matter what goes on in your life. I have always believed in the saying “Friends come an go, but family never leaves”. Growing up, even until this year of college (second year) I have gone/going through loosing friendships.

I feel like breaking off friendships is easier than branching away from family because, family is always going to be there no matter how much you try and leave them out. Your family always wants the best for you. Your family wants you to be happy and successful. Friends can be jealous and start drama with you because they are jealous of the things you are doing or feel insecure about you. Friends are easier to break away from because you can cut them out of your life and move on. In some cases it may be harder to do because you care about that friend, but at the end of the day you need to do what is best for yourself. If a friendship is toxic to your everyday life then it is probably best to slowly branch away. Friendships are a little different than family because you are not emotionally involved with that person (friendship), whereas a family member, for example, a sibling has a lot more control over you than someone you met in class or someone who lives on your floor.

Friendships change over time. It could be in a good or bad way. I myself, have seen friendships fade while growing up especially because people are only out there for themselves. Some friendships fade because one of the partners gets taken advantage of, dropped as a friend, talking behind their back, being complete opposites, or spending too much time together. Friendships can change in a good way too, it does not always have to be negative. I have experienced both. Some friendships grow because you are at the same point in your life, care about one another, and want the best for that friend. To me, that would be a nice friendship to have because that person wants to grow with you and wants to watch you succeed, not just a call on the weekend to get drunk together. You can make friends with people at parties, but that does not mean that they actually care about that friendship.


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