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Media is a great factor of influence to how we view ourselves physically and mentally. I believe that even unconsciously we try to change something about us to become someone we view and admire from TV or social websites. If someone were to know the type of shows I watch and the music I listen to or even the websites I look at often they’d probably think I have no life. And that is just because I spend so much of my time viewing other people, all celebrities or iconic people. I love watching the typical teenage drama and love stories. But also the mystery and suspense of things captures my deep attention. When watching a show I tend to think as if I were in a certain actors place and what I would do in their situations. The next day I try acting like a character I like most, more adventures and spontaneous. I try to adapt to the surrounding or listen to music that influences my mood. I sometimes listen to music related to the scene of movies i watch or if the actor is a singer i listen to the music they have. All though i know this happens often if someone was to ask me how i describe myself or things i like, they would be able to catch different ideas about me. For example, in the past couple of weeks I went to the store with a very good friend and as we looked at some books she pointed out to me how much i enjoyed mystery things. And honestly I had never payed attention to how intrigued I am with mystery. As i write this blog i realize how things are influencing me, and all the things I tend to do.  Although i did not specifically write about body appearance the media has influenced deeply for wanting the perfect thin body. Media influences everyone.


3 thoughts on “ME-dia

  1. After I watch a really good show or movie, I tend to adapt the way the character speaks.


  2. I agree media does influence a lot of what people do and or want to look like but also what they act like. People get caught up in what the media portrays and tells them to like that they go and decide who or what they want to be like and them not being aware of what they actually like.


  3. I definitely relate to being in the same mood as whatever i last watched. When i watch an action movie i just want to ride my skateboard and bike as fast as possible and just listen to real fast aggressive music. But if i watch a mystery movie or something that makes you think i often like to just walk around with my headphones in listening to something slow that will allow me to think and evaluate everything around me.


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