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Texting Does Nothing

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One time I used technology incorrectly was when I tried to talk to a friend about a conflict. I wanted to make sure she would be around or on campus when I was since I was out and about enjoying my day. However, it felt impossible to find out what time she would be home. So when my friend asked me what I wanted to talk about I just began to text what was on my mind. I do not like texting things that require extreme emotions because people can take that  text into different content from what it actually means. I would rather just talk in person that way the communication is between the two people and nothing gets misinterpreted.

As I began to list some things that have been building up, I got just what I expected back. A text that was defensive, hurtful, and it felt like a slap in my face. I felt that being honest/straight up with one of my closest friends was something I could do. I felt as if I could not actually talk to her about anything. But how could you maintain a friendship and not be able to clear the air? It left me in questions. As soon as heard she was coming to campus I made sure to be home and offered we sit outside with some coffee (this was so we could  be in a relaxed environment) and also as something we would usually do. I did not want to sit at a table and have it feel like a meeting.

The first thing I made sure to do was just make sure that whatever was said over text I did not want her to take out of context or change my words I used. I wanted to make sure the conversation stayed mature and on topic, basically to get to the bottom of it and ask to talk in person only next time something is on our mind or if one of us upsets the other. It seemed to work out and I am glad that I consider myself a patient person.


I have learned throughout the years that talking about serious conversations/deep emotions/ fighting/ conflicts are best to just wait and talk to that person face-to-face.


One thought on “Texting Does Nothing

  1. Agree. There is now emotions in texting. So when someone wants to sarcastic, its basically impossible to communicate it through texting. The lack of emotions is very unsettling for there is no way to understand what the other person is thinking.


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