HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Romantic partners

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I believe that romantic relationships can fade out very easily if the partners allow it to. I also believe that romantic relationships can also last if both of the partners involved are equal in the relationships and have continuous communication about everything that they feel throughout their relationship. It is very easy for partners to become unbalanced in the relationship with lack of respect in their lives, beliefs, feeling and more important aspects. Passion is something that you feel for someone that arouses you internally and in some ways externally. It can remain passionate throughout the relationship if the partners are continuously positive towards one another. An example of someone who enjoys long term relationships is someone who is generally safe in their life decisions. It is much easier for a person with these safe tendencies to not break up with their long term partner and start over on their own. Β I have seen couples that are in long term and continuously passionate relationships. The passion that I see in this type of relationship only occurs in relationships that are seemingly equal. I do feel as if I have experienced passion at an intense level in a relationship and before it ended up fading the relationship couldn’t be continued from distance as well as personal differences. I do however believe that it is still possible to love someone without passion. We see examples of this in our daily lives with our families and friends. Passion, however; is a very important aspect of a healthy relationship for all romantic partners.


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