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Ignorant Side of the Family

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In my case, it is not a matter of if I am closer to my friends or my family. It is a matter of which side of the family I am closer to. When my parents got divorced I did not really stay as connected with my dad’s side of the family. Though I really loved all of them, the fact that my dad had cheated had meant I ย would see those relatives less and would not really be attending their holiday festivities.

Now onto the real issue. A year ago I began dating my now boyfriend who is African American. My mom had no problem and neither did my brothers, this is also why they found out much sooner than the rest of my immediate family….. like my father. He is a little more ignorant than the rest of us, if you catch my drift. For this reason, I have found it very difficult to share personal information with him and his side of the family because they are all similar in that way. For instance if they were to find out that I have an African American boyfriend, they would have negative reactions and look at me differently for going out with him… which is absolutely ridiculous.

Personally, I do not balance my feelings for different family members very well because on many different occasions they have said how they feel as though I do not like them. As well as many of them say I keep to myself too much when in reality that is far from true. I am an open book, but they really do not see that side of me because I can not deal with their ignorant side.


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