HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Active Listening

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Baseball is a topic where i can go on and talk about hours over, because for me, its easy to relate a lot of things to baseball, so there’s going to be a good amount of baseball blogs in here. I remember of this one day where again, I had ideas on how to improve on my swing so I could hit better. Now most of my coaches were “old school” and didn’t understand or like some new hitting mechanics that improve a persons power to hit home-runs. My coaches were “old school” and believed that if you weren’t born with natural power, then you shouldn’t work on being a home-run hitter. Earlier that day I had watched some YouTube videos on Josh Donaldson, who is an effective hitter in the major leagues, and his view points on his swing make a lot of sense, especially to me because I understand the kinesiology of baseball, especially when it comes to hitting. The only thing i remember him saying that day was “Munoz, look you’re 5″10′, you’re not Jose( Jose is a former teammate of mine, and he’s 6″2′), with natural power, you change your swing left and right, and it hasn’t gotten you anywhere. From that day, i learned that not only was my Coach a bad listener, but I learned that no matter what I did in this game, it would never be enough for him to understand that mentally I understand the game of baseball. I don’t think I ever got a positive response when I talked to him about hitting, he would always say I was wrong, and that it would never work. But to me, him telling me I was wrong and that I wouldn’t amount to anything sort of fueled the fire, and i had an explosive Senior Year, and took my team to the top, we were ranked 4th in our division out of over 200 schools. Oh and to add on, its one year later and I’m proud to say that they have a new hitting coach, who teaches my former teammates the exact same thing was trying to show them, and now over the summer, I have a position on the team as the hitting coach.


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