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Family Story

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A family story that is often told in my family is essentially the story of how my grandpa immigrated to the U.S from Mexico. In my family my mom is fully Mexican and my dad is white, and I find that my mom often takes great pride in her heritage. Given this, she often stresses just how lucky we are to be born in the U.S, given how many opportunities and freedoms we have and often take for granted. She tells us often of how my grandpa immigrated from Mexico as an educated man in environmental science, and how he used his business and language skills to establish himself in the states as a business professional. From here he cultivated a life for himself and his family as he got married and raised my mom in a loving household. She tells my brother and I this story on occasion, and given that he passed away about 4 years ago I think that by telling us this story it helps her to keep his memory alive and to relive the loving times she had with him. Additionally, it allows for our family to maintain a sense of identity as we remember Β where we came from from this story, and humility as well as motivation can be derived from this tale.


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