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F is for Friends

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There are many qualities that people take into consideration when determining whether an individual should be considered a friend. These traits include those of being trustworthy and an dependable individual. The self-quiz “What Kind of Friend Are You?”  showcases whether the person taking the quiz would be considered a close trustworthy and dependable friend. For those who score between 11-15 were considered to be exceptionally trustworthy, 6-10 moderate, and 0-5 low levels of trustworthiness. So it was no surprise when the results from the quiz showed that I was a type of person who was exceptionally trustworthy and dependable. For me I value trust and honesty to the fullest extent. I take all secrets to the grave and try to accomplish everything I promised someone I was going to do. Generally I put the well being of my friends in front of my own well being. The reason for this is through the phrase of “treat others the way you want to be treated.” Personally I do not want others to feel inferior and useless the way others have made me in the past. That is why I tend to put others first in front of me. Many consider this to be a disadvantage. I don’t. I see it as an opportunity to gain someone’s trust and be able to have a friendship with them. It is through bonding that I believe would allow people to grow. In order to be able to reach out towards more individuals. In order to be able to be seen as trustworthy to them, it’s best to just spend more time with them. To make plans and to not throw them to the curb by pursuing other plans. I see this as the best way to grow closer to others. Yet many do not feel the same way and would constantly flake out on plans with no warning whatsoever.


One thought on “F is for Friends

  1. I find it very admirable that you put your friends before yourself. I think at if more people adopted this similar stance when it comes to friendships that these relationships would not only last longer, but would cultivate a deeper sense of reliability and trust. Often times I think people fall into the mindset of thinking about what one’s friends will do for that person other than what can that person do for those friends. I your feeling of selflessness should be emphasized much more in our society, and should be a crucial element all relationships.


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