HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Family Members

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Unfortunately my family lacks in communication or I may not feel we communicate enough. I never really realized how our communication lacked until I met other students here on campus. One of my close friends expresses the relationship she has with her parents, and it is truly admirable. She video chats them every night and they always have something to talk about. When it is time to end the conversation they make sure to express how much they care and love each other before ending their call. Now, when I compare that to myself my communication is nothing near similar to theirs.

I do communicate with my mom in subtle ways everyday most of the time through text. They are currently remodeling their house and me being a big fan of Pinterest I am always sending her picture of ideas for the house. I try to call them at least once a week just to check in how they are doing or how their week was. I do think that this may be something happening more with me than my younger siblings. My sister is always hugging my parents telling them how much she loves, and as for me I dislike hugs as a result I only reciprocate a hug when someone else reaches to give me a hug. Whereas, my brother he kisses my mom and hugs my dad every morning. They may show more affection because they are younger than me, but that still does not indicate why the communication still lacks between my parents and I and how it has not changed even if I am few hours from home now.

To create a better communication I surmise that I would have to be the one to make the change. Where I express myself more and say what I feel. My parents have shown to treat me how I treat them. One option would be trying to call them at least once a day for the smallest thing maybe to wish them a good day.


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