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To Betray or Not to Betray

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In the world of romantic relationships that are many things that can cause a strain in that relationships. These includes money concerns, distance issues, and at times betrayal. Betrayal is one of the worst ways that could cause an end to a relationship of any kind. By taking the self-quiz of “How Often Do You Betray Romantic Partners?” I received a low score of 6, which means that I am an infrequent betrayer. These scores accurately represent of who I am. Because for me doing any form of betrayal to someone is a big no no. I’ve been in the receiving end of being betrayed countless times to the point where I practically do not trust anyone. So by me doing a form of betrayal would make me a hypocrite for doing a thing I despise. Now there are many ways in which a person can deal with betrayal. Some people would confront the persona and call them out. Others would have a small discussion with them and ultimately give them a second chance. Then there are those who do nothing and just let it continue to happen out of fear of being alone. For me personally I prefer to do the option of do nothing with a twist. I essentially cut them out of my life. In the past I have given people more than a second chance, and they always end up doing the samething to break that trust. It got to the point where I stopped caring and do nothing but walk away. It might not be the best solution to betrayal, but it’s the best option that works for. Many would say that discussing and second chances is the better option. But after dealing with it time after time, somewhere along the line I decided it was too much of hassle to continuously “deal with it” and that it would be easier on my mind to just to cut ties.


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