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Despite today’s overwhelmingly high divorce rate, I believe that passion and love can exist throughout a relationship. Passion comes from love and excitement to be with the one you love, so passion can exist in a relationship as long as love does not fade.

I see this with my grandparents. My Papa and my Grandma Judy were together from the time my grandma was 16 to 61, when she died of cancer. Despite being together for so long, they still loved each other until the day my grandma died, and it is obvious my Papa still loves me Grandma Judy.

The millennials seemΒ to have a warped impression of marriage and passion because of he high divorce rate we grew up witnessing. Many people my age have parents who are divorced and this may have a negative connotation on the way we see love and how love lasts.

Passion, though, can exist. With constant effort and love the passion that existed in the beginning of the relationship can still spark up even after decades.



One thought on “Passion

  1. Agree with the statement. But it should be understood that times have changed. The world our grandparents have lived in was a completely different world than what we live in now. The stresses of today’s world is an obstacle that they do not have to face. But still in a lot of instances passion and love can still be found in some places.


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