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Forever in Love

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No I do not agree with the statement that passion fades away in romantic relationships because I know a couple who have been together for a really long time and you can obviously tell that their still in love with each other after all of this time. Their like my Grandparents and they have been together since they were in their twenties. Even though they’ve fought over the years they have always made up no matter what. They both try their very best in the relationship and do nice, little things for each other all the time. Its the cutest thing ever and their totally relationship goals. Its really nice to see relationships still like this because nowadays relationships are literally sometimes the hardest thing ever and i see so many people breaking up all the time over stupid things. No one ever wants to try and fix things they just blame each other for what is going on. It is Β really inspiring to see people like them; who even though have gone through the many rough patches work through them all the time.


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