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Family and Freinds

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Growing up I spent a lot of time with my family, but we never really talked when we were around each other. Before my parents separated we all lived in a nice sized house, although we all lived there we often spent the time in separate parts of the house. During meals one of my parents would cook and I would eat either by myself or with someone else. It was rare for everyone to sit down at a dinner table, But when it did happen there was little talking. My sister was on her tablet the whole time and my parents don’t really talk much and I never really know what to say. But with the friends that i just met throughout life i was always able to talk to them about whatever issues i was currently going through. It was just easier to talk to people my own age, they often had gone through something similar or known what to do. Currently in college I often go to the DC with my friends, and the problem with us isn’t not talking enough but that there is too much talking. We pretty much go everyday and from when we walk in the doors to when we walk out nobody ever shuts up. Someone always has something to say whether its interesting, stupid, or funny it will spark up a conversation that will last forever. We mostly talk about stupid things like memes or random animal facts. when arguments arise we just argue forever until everyone realizes that neither side can win. Being around all my friends for dinner has helped me get really close to them all. While with my family it feels like no one talks at all unless its about something trivial like work or school it seems like we never just have fun. But recently i have tried to get closer to my family. Although i can only call i try to ask how everyone is doing and whats happening back home.Its only been recently that I’ve noticed how important it is to have support from people you care about. So i wanted to become closer to my family so we do not seem like strangers next time we are at the dinner table.


One thought on “Family and Freinds

  1. I think that it is wonderful that you have found people that you can go to with your problems. Keep trying with your family.


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