HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

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Bowl of Soup(Prompt 1)

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Regarding the concept of love, many believe that passion provides the necessary “fire” so to speak to fuel and cultivate a relationship that thrives and lasts. The crucial aspect of passion is that it somewhat serves as a motivator for each individual in a relationship to give their best efforts to bring forth excitement, energy, and positivity to the relationship which are all crucial elements for a healthy and well balanced relationship. Many people compare marriage to a bowl of soup in the sense that as the relationships endure for years, the “broth” of the soup loses its heat and the soup becomes bland and tasteless. I think passion is a necessary component of love that is vital to reenergizing a relationship through the years and providing fuel for the “soup,” as it can spark memories or feelings of the initial honeymoon stages of love(like putting it in the microwave). An interesting exception to this rule may be in some cases an arranged marriage in some eastern cultures that believe that these types of relationships are like bowls of soup that heat over time as the passion and love for a person grows from being almost complete strangers at the onset of the marriage. These concepts aside, passion remains to be vitally important to the cultivation of all healthy romantic relationships.


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