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Closeness or not

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When I was a younger child I felt a lot closer to my family, but as the years passed by It became more clearer that people who I truly felt closer to were my friends. For friends are the family you get to chose. The reason might be because my friends and I are in the same age range and have done many things together. Or it might be because my family was not around that much. I do not know the exact answer, all I know is that I feel closer with some of my friends than I do with my family. In fact my friends know more about me than my families does. In fact I basically refuse to tell anyone in my family anything personal. Personal information includes basically everything, such as what I do outside of the house, if I’m dating, or even if I’m sick or hurt. I tell no one in my family this information and even a select few friends know this information too. For me personal information is well personal. They don’t need to know my about my business, the same way I don’t need to know about theirs. Many things in the past has made me reserved like this. One of which is where I had some members in my family criticized me for no reason. The other reasoning being a bit personal to share. Still this does not affect how I feel about my family. My feelings for my intermediate family, grandparents, and extremely few aunts/uncles is that I care for them. But my extended family I don’t care at great lengths like I “should.” And the reason being for this is that they didn’t give much thought about us like they did with everyone else. Generally me and my sisters were a bit outcasted by them. So if they didn’t care about us, then why should we care about them. I say we because my sisters and I feel the same way about this topic.


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