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Baseball is an emotional sport, but the trick is to not let it be too emotional. I remember of an incident where I had a “couch-jumping” moment, where I completely lost control of my emotions. It was my Junior Year of High-School, but i was playing a game with my travel-ball baseball team. We were playing a tournament in Las Vegas, and i believe it was the championship game. It was my first time up to bat, and the first pitch i got was a low curve-ball, that the umpire called a strike. I had a different opinion than he did about the call, and when i asked him why he called it a strike, he said that it was right down the plate. I tried to argue with him, but i ended up getting a warning. I didn’t want to get kicked out of the game, so i kept my mouth shut after that. The next pitch was a high fastball, that again he called a strike, and i disagreed with, but because i had gotten a warning, i couldn’t really say anything. At that point i was pissed off, because i had gotten two bad calls, that put me in a terrible position as a hitter, i had lost two of my three chances to put the ball in play. But fortunately, the pitcher made a mistake, and left a hanging curve-ball down the plate, and i hit a bomb to left field. Unfortunately there was no fence at that park, or else i would have hit it over, because they estimated the ball traveled almost 400 ft. What got the umpire angry was the fact that i bat flipped, meaning i threw the bat up in the air while flipping it, which is a way to show that you crushed the baseball, and you know for a fact that you hit a home-run, i only got a double out of that hit, which was probably the reason the umpire got so mad, because to him i had no reason to bat flip, and he probably thought i directed that flip at him, meaning i flipped it to show off that even though he called two pitches a strike, i still hit a bomb. What ticked me off was when he called me out for it. He said that bat flipping was illegal and a disgrace to baseball. That’s when i got mad, i ran over to him, and tried arguing with him, and tried to find out the reason he called me out. He gave me a bullshit response, and i said ” wow, you’ve got to be kidding me.” That umpire needed to get his ears checked because after that he said “that’s it, you’re out of here”, and kicked me out of the game. I later found out that he thought i said ” Are you fucking kidding me”, and that was his reason for throwing me out of the game. But after that my coach ran out on the field, and started arguing with him, then the umpire threw him out of the game, because he was being a “clown”, that’s when i lost it, i ran back on the field, and started yelling and cussing, and that’s when my coach had to basically force me off the field because i went off on that umpire, as i was walking threw the dug-out, i was tossing helmets gloves, i completely lost it. ANd well, lets just say that a certain somebody isnt allowed to play in any All-Star organized baseball tournaments in Las Vegas Nevada again, because apparently the umpire filed a report saying that i was a danger on the field, and that i threatened his life. Moral of the story, some people are simply retarded.


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