HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Five Power Currencies

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In interpersonal relationships there are five common power currencies: resource, expertise, social-network, personal, and intimacy. Resource currency is having physical materials such as money, property, and food. Expertise currency is a the power of knowledge. Social-network currency is a power through a network of connections. Personal currency is power through one’s looks and attributions such as height. Intimacy currency is the power when you share a strong bond with someone that no one else does. Allowing you to have power over them.

Out of the five power currencies I believe I have resource currency, expertise currency, and social-network currency. I am certain of this because I have a job that allows me to rack in income, which in turn gives me the luxury to rely more on myself for food and other commodities. I have expertise currency because from a very young age I was forced to learn many skill that others do not know. These skills include: cooking, sewing, mechanical work, repair work, computer skills, etc.Then there is social-network currency. I am able to meet and get along with people rapidly. Allowing me to have a network that I have power over. This includes being in good terms with my coworkers and bosses. I don’t believe I have personal currency because I believe I don’t have any attributes that can give me any sort of power. I don’t believe I have intimacy currency either because I have huge trust issues that prevent me from getting close and creating bonds with others. The currency I believe is the most important to have is that of resource currency. I believe this because when you have the power of resources, then you have the power to sustain your own and at times someone else’s life. Without resources, you won’t be able to live without relying on others. Intimacy currency I believe to be the least important of the five, because it’s hard to create and maintain a bond with someone that allows you to possess power over.


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