HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives


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During the summer of my senior in high school I can vividly recall sitting at home watching T.V with my family, and suddenly I received a text from one of my friends inviting me to go out into the city for a few hours. Even though I was nearing college, I still had a strict curfew, and my feelings of frustration had been building up for a while as I often would have to leave functions early, or not go out at all so I could abide by it. However, on this occasion I felt an unusual amount of disappointment as my parents both told me I needed to stay home that night. It was Friday, and as an almost 18 year old I felt that because I was going to be leaving anyways in a few months for college I should have the right to start going out when I wanted. Inevitably, an argument flared up as a Β result of my persistence, and months of frustration that was bottled for so long was let out as I vented to my parents regarding their overprotective rules. The argument went on for sometime, however I soon became aware of the fact that my parents were dreading my leave to college, and this was their way of wanting to spend more time with me. If I remember correctly, my mom stated something regarding how it was immensely hard for her to see me as an adult, as she’s always known me as her little boy ever since she became a stay at home mom. After hearing this, I felt immense guilt, and I apologized for lashing out. It was soon afterward that I was surprised by the fact that they decided to drop my curfew so that I could experience some sense of independence before college. If I hadn’t responded to my parents in this way and provoked an argument, I may have spent the rest of summer wishing I could have spent more time with friends, and I possibly could have missed out on some of the best experiences I’ve had. This simply depicts how this example of conflict promoted emotional growth and understanding, and how it strengthened the relationship between my parents and I as a result of a new insight. Additionally, I made a conscious effort to be present when I was at home, and to make quality time for my family on a weekly basis.


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