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Dyadic power

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I agree with the dyadic power theory. At work and in cartoons I often see people with only a little bit of power abuse it so they can seem more powerful. When i first started working at subway they were going through a transitioning faze because both of the managers recently left so they were on the trying to decide on who would be the new manager. So for my first couple weeks nobody was really in charge so every one just self monitored each other. When one of my coworkers became the manager of the night shift, when i usually worked she never really bossed anyone around or yelled at anyone . She would help and give advice and ask very nicely  for us to pick up the slack if we were messing up. But my other co worker who became more of just a senior employee would often tell us what to do rather than ask. She was a pretty nice person but sometimes she just abused her power. As time went on she calmed down and started to ask nicely for us to do things. Another example would be Vicky  and Mr. Crocker from fairly odd parents. In the show Timmy’s parents were always care free and just did what ever they wanted, while Vicky who was only a baby sitter always used to abuse Timmy and scream at him. Mr. Crocker was just a mean teacher and used to always give the kids ridiculously hard test and projects and made their lives miserable. But the principle of the school was just a sweet lady who only disciplined the students if they really needed it. Often time she got mad at Mr.Crocker because he was being so mean to the kids. Often the person in with a lot of power has to tell the person with moderate power to calm down a little because they are abusing their power. I believe the theory is right because people always want to seem more powerful than they are so they abuse and bully so those lower than them fear them.


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