HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Nonverbal Communication

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Although I am an affectionate and touch oriented individual I still prefer a decent amount of space when dealing with most people. Depending on my relationship with them, the proximity I desire changes, but the situation I am in also dictates how close I’ll allow someone to be to me.

People I allow in my intimate space include my boyfriend and my close friends or family members. My partner is the most likely person to be in my intimate space for long periods of time such as when we are watching a movie or giving each other a massage. Friends I am very close with are allowed in my intimate space when we are comforting each other with touch or having a hushed private conversation, or huddling together for warmth. When I am in a public setting I am more likely to allow a friend into my intimate space than my partner. The idea of overactive Β PDA irritates me and I don’t like to engage in especially intimate activities in front of my friends, family, or strangers. I would be more likely to give a friend or family member a long embrace when needed than to make out with my partner on a street corner simply because I feel it is a more private activity and less urgent than the needs of a friend.

Personal space is similar to intimate space because it includes my partner, my friends and close friends, as well as family members. I like to be close to people when conversing so my friends and I will sit side by side or across from each other with less space. I enjoy the intimacy of being close to these people in my life without feeling suffocated by them. I am more likely to allow a friend into personal space than to intimate space because typically that space is for people I feel more comfortable and secure around, such as my partner and closer friends.

Social space is much more open, and I will include majority of people I know in social space. Social space includes cashiers in stores, people I pass by in halls or on the bus, as well as strangers i strike up conversations with. Their is not many people I would be uncomfortable with in my social space, unless it was someone I already had an intense disliking for or a stranger that gave me a bad feeling about them, or a stranger in my social space that I was in an isolated area with.

Public space includes everyone around me except for people I dislike or find creepy because any proximity to these people would affect me.


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