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Tone of voice

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The way in which people talk can say a lot about them.  Their tone of voice however can say a lot about how they are feeling and or what they want or need.

It is easy to tell if someone is happy, mad, or sad just by listening to the tone of their voice that they are using when talking to you.  Peoples body language can also show what they are feeling.  Like it said in the book peoples body language changes with their emotions and can show what they are feeling.  For example if and when I am upset with someone I tend to not talk to them.  I keep to myself and mainly because they made me upset and I know that it annoys most people so I do it anyways.

Growing up in a Latino household meant that a lot of the time you were told what you could and couldn’t do.  Therefore what your parents told you to do and how they told you to do it could determine whether or not they were happy with you.  For example a lot of parents have that certain tone that they use when you either did something wrong or you did not do what they told you to do.  When ever they used that tone or called your full name you knew that you were going to get in trouble.

At times it can be good to judge people by their voice but other times it is not.  It is not always a good idea to judge people by just hearing their voice because depending on when you meet them can be either a good moment or a bad one and if you meet someone at a bad time when they are angry it can leave you with the impression that they are the angry person.  Instead of you being able to know what they are truly like.

The way people talk to me and the tone of voice they use when they talk to me will in a way tell me what they are like and can really show what kind of person they are.  It also tells me if they are a nice enough person to be friends with.



One thought on “Tone of voice

  1. I completely agree with you when you say that often times the tone in which something is said can even be more meaningful than what is actually being said. I grew up in a Latino household as well and I found that the way my mom would talk to me had a strong influence on my perception of how she was feeling at the time. Often times too I think people can confuse tone for emotion but rather it reflects a cultural style of communicating especially when I observed my relatives loud style of communicating with each other at family gatherings. This is also an interesting concept when it is placed in the context of instant messaging, as I think we are susceptible largely to miscommunication due to the lack of human emotion expressed through such few words through texting.


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