HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Eye Contact

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Eye contact is important in any relationship. Nonverbal communication has to do a lot with eye contact. It is as if two individuals are able to read each other telepathically. As a child I was always taught to make contact when speaking with someone.

As a result, if I receive no verbal or nonverbal communication (eye contact) Β from other individuals then I immediately think they are not interested. However, for me there is only one time where I cannot keep eye contact with someone. If I am talking to someone who I am interested in then I find it difficult to maintain eye contact. It may be because I am already nervous because I am talking to the guy I like. Or maybe because I know that if I do not focus myself then I will loose my train of thought. Usually when I am talking to the guy I like I think/ rehearse what I want to say before I actually say it to him. Which is why I cannot do both at the same time I will forget what I want to say or maybe I won’t be able to think of something to talk to about.

Although I do find it difficult to make eye contact with this particular individual I learned that because of that a different message has been transmitted. He understands that I like him, but not that I am interested in him. That is why eye contact is important in relationships because it expresses emotion and could signal the condition of a relationship.


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