HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

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The Inner Circle(Proxemics topic)

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In regards to my own proxemics I find that my means of managing my personal space varies largely upon my comfortability with others. In regards to intimate space I find that friends and family including the occasional significant other, are prime examples of people who I would let in close proximity. Usually this coincides with casual hugs, handshakes, or other gestures that assign feelings of comfort and affection towards these people. My mom, dad, and brother would be specific people who I would certainly include in regards to the concept of intimate space. Personal space would include these people, however this would most likely include extended friend groups and teammates. Specifically this would entail largely sports related friend groups who are often in close proximity through physical contact in the gym or other areas. Social space would be even more inclusive, and would apply largely to classmates or acquaintances typically around school or in extended social groups at gatherings where large crowds are present amongst those who I am familiar with. It is at this level of proxemics that the level of exclusiveness decreases drastically, and to a large extent borders the realm of public space, where my concept of proxemics would include essentially all others who are around me through my day. This would include students walking around school, retail clerks, teachers, an others. In conclusion, I think it is very interesting how our level of proximity to others can lead us to draw conclusions on the relationships, and rather the level of intimacy present.


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