HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

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Time Orientation

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When it comes to time there are two types of people. There’s the M-time (monochronic) oriented people and the P-time (polychronic) oriented people. M-time people are individuals who value careful scheduling and time management. These are the people who value time as an important resources. P-time people are those who don’t view time as a resource to spent, saved, or guarded. People who find themselves tend to those who do not view time as wasted.
Throughout my life, I viewed myself to be a person who was m-time oriented. The reason for this is because I always viewed that if I am not doing something productive, then I am wasting time that can be allocated to completing other tasks. In fact it pisses me off when my time is involuntary wasted by others, since I have more important things to attend to  besides catering for their needs. But after taking the “Are You an M-Time or a P-Time Person?” self-quiz it has come to shown that I am more of a P-time person. The quiz showed that was almost evenly split between both types of people, but was leaning more towards as P-time person. Which kind of makes sense. I do like to plant things out and follow that schedule as much as possible. If a reason should arise that has me change, like a friend in need, I would change the schedule to accommodate to the new task. During times where I will find myself to be waiting in line, I would not be restless. For me it’s better to be patient and let things unfold instead of forcing them to happen. If you force something there is a high likelihood that it could backfire and cause other events that happen. Maybe that’s why the quiz showed me more as P-time person. Although I do value time, I am willing to work with it to get the best outcome I can achieve.


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