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The Importance of Expressions

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The most important relationship that I have is my family, I communicate with them twice a day. Nonverbal Communication is as well important as verbal communication. The reason why nonverbal is important is because we can determine the person’s mood as well how we are going to respond and act. On verbal expressions are crucial when communicating it helps me understand what the person is feeling or expressing just by their tone of voice or their body movements.

If we didn’t have these nonverbal techniques to help in our daily communication, we would have difficulties and misunderstandings. As for example, my sisters has a monotone serious voice and if she didn’t demonstrate any nonverbal communication as hand gestures or facial expressions, I would think the whole time she was bored or annoyed. Another example is my father his voice and communications is the opposite he’s always laughing or being sarcastic, and if wasn’t for his tone of voice I would think he would never take anything seriously. Another thing that is important is the eye contact as well, the eye contact is very crucial when having a conversation, it can determine if you are demonstrating attention towards them or lack of enthusiasm in the conversation. The eye contact creates the speaker to feel that they are being listened and having the attention of the listener. At the end of my experience having people or my family demonstrate and use nonverbal techniques gives me the acknowledgment that they are listening to me and feel related or compassioned of what I’m speaking about.


One thought on “The Importance of Expressions

  1. I completely agree with you, both types of communications are very important in order to fully understand what others are trying to communicate. Also, I really like your examples.


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