HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

One for Four

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In cooperative verbal communication there are 4 characteristics that affect the flow of the conversation. These four are informative, honest, relevant, and clear. Being informative is having the ability to present any information that is relevant to the topic of conversation and to be able to avoid being too informative. Which concise to disclosing information that is unrelated to the conversation. Being honest is to be truthful in conversation. It also means to not tell people about information others wish not to be disclosed. When honesty is broken in a conversation, it leads to confusion and false information to be spread. To be relevant is to be able to make contribution to a conversations by keeping it on the same topic. Being clear means to be straightforward and not ambiguous. These four characteristics all coexist and lean off one another. But everyone tends to have an issue with one or more and tend to be strong in using others. Out of the four, I believe the one I’m able to follow the best is to be honest. For me when someone confides in me something personal I would 99% of the time keep it to myself. The only time I would say anything to someone else about it is when there is harm being done. Either that harm be self-inflicted, caused by someone else, or is being caused to someone. But the one I need to improve on is being clear. At times I have difficulty in speaking and tend to speak fast as well. As a result words are unable to come out properly to be easier to understand. So I tend to use vague language to help get the point across instead. This has lead to some misinterpretations of what I actually meant. I would be able to improve on this characteristic by by speaking out more often, which would improve my speaking, and to slow down when talking. Slowing down would allow me to articulate the words better.


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