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Nothing Would be the Same

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What I got from this statement by Ludwig Wittgenstein was that so much would be different. I kind of interpreted it like being in the tourists’ shoes. Not speaking the same language and not understanding what was going on around you. Having a different language is somewhat like having a different culture. Language distinguishes people and many times people even form judgments off of one’s language. For example, I work at GAP at the Del Monte Center. Every day, we get tourists from Korea, Mexico, Spain, etc. The way we post and communicate our sales throughout the store is difficult for them to sometimes understand because of the language used by us and the signs. As a result, they go to the cash register with loads of items that they cannot afford and later feel embarrassed and humiliated. They do not see things the way we do. We only know the world we have been conformed to. The one that we understand and we can communicate with. In a more complex sense, an exchange student peer of mine from another class once said that seeing students working AND going to school was so weird and strange to her because back where she is from school is at such a low cost that students do not feel the need to apply for a job. In her sense her language is associated with her culture and thus she is startled and surprised that we do both work and go to school. If we spoke a different language, nothing would be the same.


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