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Name Change

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I have never considered changing my legal name, but I do always fantasize of different names that I would have prefered. That is not because I do not like it, but because Jennifer is a very common name and I would like for a something that is less common. Regarding, marriage I would not change my last name if I were to get married. First, I have both my parent’s last name indicating that they are the one’s who have helped me and our giving me life or the ones who are making me happy. That is my way of thinking of last names. If I were to get married I would hyphenate my name to his, but I would not completely erase mine. I would add my husband’s last names indicating how important he is to my life and how he makes me happy.

My way of thinking is that one wants to continue adding to their character and building who they want to be and I feel that it’s more important to add my spouse’s name with mine rather than just his. For me, when it comes to referring to other people and wondering whether to put Ms or Mrs or anything to that sort becomes complicated and it is  because everyone has chosen for themselves how they would like to be called. However, if it were to be for me I would not mind how they would state my name whether I would be married or not because my last name should have nothing to do with others think, but something more for myself. As I have mentioned before, last names mean something more important to me.


One thought on “Name Change

  1. This is awesome, personally I have different thoughts about the marriage thing but I really like your ways of explaining your thoughts.


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