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Negative Feedback


Earlier this semester i was at the otter express with some of my friends, and I told one of my friends i want to go to Spain to study abroad and she immediately shut me down by saying no you won’t. She said it with no hesitation and completely confident she was right about it. In recent months i have met many new people some of whom have studied abroad and have told how it was a great experience.  I’ve also met people who are going in the fall and have told how excited they are to go. After listening to all of these people stories  and dreams of studying abroad i was inspired to look at programs and see places i might want to go. I’ve done two semesters of Spanish already so Spain immediately stood out i really like the language. Spain looked like a place that i really wanted to go it was a new place with a different culture i had not yet experienced. So when my friend immediately shut down my idea i asked her why, she responded with ” you always say you’ll do things but will just be joking about it”. In the past i have done this but try to make it obvious. When she shut me down i felt mad because i was very serious about going at the time, and she hurt my feelings i felt a harsh tension with her until i talked to her about it. I think negative feedback can at times be constructive at times. Sometimes the people giving feedback might just know you very well and have heard you say similar things and already know how it will turn out. After talking to my friend about why she said it she had a valid reason i often become passionate about something for a week or two then forget about it. so she helped me realize i often pick up large interest then forget about them later. although her comment hurt my feelings it helped me realize that i often do things like this.


3 thoughts on “Negative Feedback

  1. Although it was rude of her to shut you down nonchalantly. As well as making some statements of you unable to follow through with some goals. It could have been that she may have been expressing some sadness of you going to a different country leaving her behind. Either way it could be interpreted as a form of constructive criticism.


  2. Even though it hurt your feelings and she seemed to be rude about the whole situation, I am glad that you were able to realize some things about yourself that you were not able to realize before. I do think that you should follow your dream and go to Spain.


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